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Where theory and practice come together...

cWhere theory and practice come together...

Specific safety tests
Unique test sites
Spider in the (safety) web

Safety testing, experimentation and innovation

There’s so much more to the Safety Field Lab than simply conducting safety tests. Indeed, universities, businesses and educational institutions regularly use our facilities and expertise to develop new safety concepts and innovations, and to devise smart safety solutions in collaboration with the police, fire brigade, defence organisations and medical services.

Innovations in safety

Curious as to whether your product is ready for the end user? Keen to perform a reality check on the fire retardant insulation that you recently developed? Want to conduct a practical test on an escape system for animals? Or experiment with drone technology? Searching for a suitable partner for the (further) development of innovations in the field of safety? All of these challenges come together at the Safety Field Lab. We look forward to meeting you...

Maarten Fijlstra, Q Escape

The collaboration has been an absolute pleasure. Whereas you’re effectively ‘blind’ to your own product, the independent experts at the Safety Field Lab can highlight points for improvement.


Curious about how the Safety Field Lab can help you bring about innovations in safety?

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