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A reality check in safety

Testing and reality checks

Want to put your product through its paces? Then you’ve come to the right place. After a thorough intake assessment, our experts get straight to work. First, we organise a practical test at our premises, in order to verify if your products satisfy end user requirements. In other words: a genuine reality check!

We then gently guide you through the next steps. We put you in touch with so-called 'launching customers' or organisations that are working on similar developments, and introduce you to experts who can assess the economic feasibility of your innovation and help structure your business case. That way you quickly add value for your customers and generate new business.

From reality check to matchmaker

The Safety Field Lab actively connects all of the parties involved, in order to provide fresh – and sometimes surprising - perspectives. As a result, developers receive prompt end user feedback, businesses can exploit the technical knowledge of educational institutions (such as Saxion and the University of Twente) and emergency service workers can pose questions about new materials or tools directly to the manufacturer. The Safety Field Lab acts as a genuine matchmaker and, thanks to our special relationship with Troned and the Risk Factory, we’re able to rapidly implement and optimise safety projects and training courses.

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