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Fire Investigation

Now even more advanced in our new fire investigation building

Fire Investigation saves lives. Knowledge of fire behaviour and fire progression is absolutely essential. Thankfully, the days of simulating fire in a simple container are well and truly over. Indeed, our brand new fire investigation building is currently being constructed at the Twente Safety Campus. The property is equipped with advanced technology, to enable us to perform even more precise and comprehensive tests. It boasts an extensive sprinkler system that can be deployed in a variety of different ways, as well as plenty of space for the fire resistance testing of fa├žade components, ceilings and other objects. We can also replicate entire buildings or departments in order to make testing more realistic.

Fire investigation using advanced technology

When it comes to fire investigation: knowledge is power. Our advanced technology provides valuable insight into fire behaviour, the cause of fire and fire progression.

At our brand new fire investigation building, we actively collaborate with Troned in order to provide expert guidance to fire investigators, the police, fire brigade and insurance companies.

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