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Safety Field Lab

“Extensive expertise makes predictive testing possible”

During his day to day work, veterinarian Bulle Koster regularly encounters the serious repercussions of stable fires. The rapid spread of smoke often results in animals and people choking. On average 1 stable fire occurs in the Netherlands every week. And each year between 20 and 100 people are killed by fire.

Bulle Koster,

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“Independent advice for an improved product”

Q Escape developed an escape route that’s illuminated using LED lighting in the event of a fire. The system is linked to a fire alarm and is, in principle, suitable for any environment.

Maarten Fijlstra,

Q Escape
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“We’re now able to demonstrate just how safe our batteries really are”

The team at Super-B have developed a lithium battery for the shipping industry that offers faster recharging, makes more efficient use of energy and is more compact and lightweight than standard batteries. Yet, in addition to its longer life and low self-discharge rate, safety is paramount.

Tim Tiek, CEO,

Super-B Batteriesv
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