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Safety Field Lab

Improved safety for all

The emergency services benefit from knowledge of state-of-the-art developments in the field of safety improvement. At the Safety Field Lab, research institutes, businesses and educational organisations collaborate on new safety concepts and innovations. This extends beyond merely conducting tests. Indeed, emergency service personnel from the fire brigade, police force, defence organisations and GHOR (Regional Medical Assistance Organisation) etc., also regularly share and implement their knowledge. From the realistic testing of fire resistant materials or new emergency services equipment, to the development of virtual training systems and (further) enhancement of safety products or services.

Improving safety can only be achieved by working together

The Safety Field Lab boasts specialist knowledge, a unique environment and, last but not least: the right partners. Thanks to our extensive network - and prime location at Twente Safety Campus – the Safety Field Lab is able to act as a ‘spider in the (safety) web’. Our aim is not only to improve the safety and competence of emergency service workers; but also to provide the business world with suitable access to the safety market. The goal: improved safety for the people of Twente. And beyond.

For all those wishing to play a role in improving safety

The Safety Field Lab is an ‘innovative testing ground' for businesses, civilians, research institutes, schools, public offices, defence organisations, police, fire and emergency services. In short, anyone committed to improving safety and developing the innovative products and services that are required to achieve this.

Want to test a new or existing safety product? Curious about its chances of success? Welcome to the Safety Field Lab! Regardless of whether you wish to assess the fire resistance of roof insulation, test a new fire blanket, optimise your institution’s escape route indicators or conduct a reality check on your restaurant’s new fire system – at the Safety Field Lab, you’ve come to the right place! Indeed, the Safety Field Lab is the ideal environment for testing, experimenting and developing smart safety solutions.

Rapidly taking Safety Innovations to the next phase

We gladly provide advice on developing your safety innovation. We can also bring together a number of 'Knowledge Day' experts from a variety of different disciplines, if desired. Such encounters rapidly take your product to the next level and often lead to unexpected, yet highly beneficial collaborations.


“Our unique alliance of partners delivers rapid results. The Safety Field Lab acts as a genuine ‘matchmaker’ and unites - often unexpected - parties for the resolution of specific safety issues.” At the Safety Field Lab, people and knowledge come together as one, generating new ideas and business opportunities".


Ymko Attema, Coordinator at Safety Field Lab and Team Leader at Kenniscentrum Brandweer
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Innovation programs

Innovation programs



Safety Field Lab Partners

Twente Safety Campus
Safety Care Center
Risk Factory
Kennispark Twente
Ministry of Defence
Fire Brigade
Medical Services
Saxion Universities
Twente University
Regional Community College of Twente 


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